July 17, 2015
Rietveld, a Dutch carpenter and architect that belonged to the De Stijil movement, was among the first designers of furniture and toys for

The garden for children

July 3, 2015
The garden, playing outdoors and its relation with the children´s protection given by a playhouse, has been developed in the following

Playhouses and their pedagogic potential

March 9, 2015
The children’s playhouses are a very good way to encourage autonomous playing, which is so important during childhood. The culture of autonomous learning originated in the Anglo-Saxon and Nordic cultures, where children’s playhouse in the garden are very common. With the SmartPlayhouse


October 14, 2014
Perludi is a recently-established Austrian brand that provides original and high-quality kids furniture. Created in Graz, it is committed to great care in the furniture ’s conceptual development, with a focus on enhancing children’s games and learning,incorporating fun and dynamic

Plywood material

September 19, 2014
Throughout history, it has become evident that the lack of a natural material leads to the creation of another, man-made material that in turn has greater advantages than the original. This is the case of wood and the plywood. Its origin dates back to ancient Egypt, as a result of the lack of trees

Outdoor toys

September 5, 2014
Playing outdoors in a garden is one of the greatest pleasures of childhood. There are so many positive experiences to be gained from enjoying the outdoors, and the kids from the house are able to develop and grow through the skills learned from being outdoors. That is why it is necessary to take
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