Outdoor Playhouse: 5 tips for choosing the perfect one

June 11, 2021
Have you been thinking about getting an outdoor playhouse? If you have, you’ve found your way to the right address. Outdoor playhouses can help parents ensure children’s all-around development in the comfort of their own backyard. That is why choosing the ideal and most effective design

A Play Kitchen, a game for children.

February 19, 2019
The play kitchen allows the adult´s world to be closer to the children´s world through playing. In this article, we´ll take a closer look at some examples that we think exemplify this statement. Cooking has been and will always be one of the main activities of our daily life, and also one of the

Berg Toys, toys to enjoy outside.

February 19, 2019
Berg Toys is the leading brand in outdoor toys designed for children to have fun and be creative. They are active games for garden areas with maximum strength and durability.   What does a child need to have fun? This simple question was asked more than 29 years ago by Henk van den Berg and
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