playhouse decoration

Playhouse Decoration

Decoration for playhouses carefully selected through the best designs in the market. The best children furniture to complement the wooden house.

Grass cover. If you want to see a green roof, order an artificial turf that is easy cleaned and assembled. To improve the finish of the exterior roof, it’s possible to cover the roof with artficial grass, that also makes easier to to take out the leaves. The perfect playhouse decoration for outdoor wendy houses.

modular table chair

Modular table and chair. The MAXBOX modules can be assembled and dismantled quickly and easily. Items that can be combined and joined in different ways promote the development of motor skills, logical thinking, hand-eye coordination and creativity in children. A great playhouse decoration for your selected wendy house.

Interior lighting. Low voltage interior lights KIT with LED lights and switch; easy installation. The playhouses can be equipped with various interior lighting systems with low voltage lighting and high intensity LED bulbs. Partially pre-installed. The perfect playhouse decoration for these summer nights.

Modern dollhouse Kyoto

Modern dollhouse. Birch dollhouse based on our top-sales Kyoto model. Transportable, and can be closed with magnets. Dollhouse without any furnishing, so the children can play with their toys. The perfect playhouse decoration for all Kyoto model playhouse.

Playhouse accessories carpet flooring

Carpted flooring. 50x50cm carpet tiles for a warm, soft and pleasant interior. Soft natural carpet flooring, A very high-end carpet from the InterfaceFLOOR, and designed for public concurrence. Grey colour with some white and black, model Heuga 727, ref.7901. Perfect playhouse decoration to make wendy houses more comfortable.

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