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The assembly is very simple since SmartPlayhouse booths come with factory pre-assembled glass, windows, and doors. Soon, the house will be ready for your children to play!

Can I put up the playhouse on any surface?

SmartPlayhouse playhouses allow installation on both natural ground and on pavement. We provide height-adjustable suports, so can be placed both on ground or hard pavement.

Do you need a concrete base for the playhouse?

It is not necessary. Our children playhouses can be placed on a floor or directly on the ground, even if it has a little slope.When placed on a paved floor, height-adjustable legs are provided which separates the house from the ground.When the house is on the ground or on a lawn, SmartPlayhouse can provide you with a practical system of wooden bars and foundations, to level the house.

Is the product we receive a kit?

Yes, our products are sent pre-assembled as a kit. The set up is very simple because SmartPlayhouse are modern playhouses that have glass, windows and doors set in at the factory. Hence you only have to put the pieces together, and do not have to do the repetitive task of placing windows, hinges, etc.

Do SmartPlayhouse children playhouses include installation instructions?

Yes, they do. The installation instructions included in the kit are very detailed. You also have the option to see the assembly process in the video shown below.

Do you offer an assembly service?

We do, but only in certain areas. Please contact us for further information on or call us at +34 935 805 000, Skype: smartplayhouse.

Do we need an experienced installer to put up the house?

In most cases you only need two people with some experience in DIY. For the indoor playhouse the assembly is very simple and no experience is needed. You can see it for yourself in this video.

To set up small and medium children playhouses, two people will do, but for the bigger models we recommend to do it between three people or ask for professional help. This aplies to the Illinois model. This is the most complex of our indoor and outdoor playhouses, so we strongly advise you to contract our assembly service or hire a professional in your area to set it up for you.

Who could I contact in case I need help with the installation?

At SmartPlayhouse we are more than happy to help you. Please call us at +34 935 805 000 or send a e-mail.

What tools do we need for the installation?

For indoor playhouses, you need a flat or a Phillips screwdriver PZ2. To put up the outdoor playhouses you also need these tools:

  • A garden shovel (if the ground is soft)
  • A water level
  • A Phillips screwdriver, preferrably with battery
  • A ladder (a small one for the one storey models and a longer one for the two-storey models)

SmartPlayhouse supplies all the screws, washers, etc. Also the caulk gun cartridge for waterproofing.

How long does it take to install a playhouse?

For people with a little DIY experience we can give these approximate times:

  • For indoor playhouses, about thirty minutes should be enough.
  • For small and medium outdoor playhouses (MINI and JUNIOR), it takes about three hours if the house is placed on a flat pavement and four hours if it stands on grass or on the ground and has lightning.
  • For bigger cubby houses you will need a whole morning, between five and six hours.
How much does it cost if a professional team was to set up the playhouse?

The cost depends on the model and on the area where it is to be installed. Please contact us for a cost estimation at 93 580 5000 or send a e-mail

Can my playhouse be moved to a different spot?

SmartPlayhouse playhouses can be taken down and put up again. INDOOR and MINI models and can be moved without being taken down, but we advise you to do it among four people.

Can SmartPlayhouse playhouses be assembled and disassembled?

The playhouses can be disassembled and assembled again. The sealing profile (in Kyoto model) has to be cut with a cutter and the newly assembled playhouse has to be sealed again.

How is my SmartPlayhouse delivered?

At SmartPlayhouse we consider every detail that affects our customer satisfaction. For this reason we verify that all materials arrive in perfect conditions and we assure that our playhouses travel to their destination the best way possible.

The cubby houses are delivered pre-assembled. The methacrylate windows are attached and the windows and door already have their hinges screwed on and integrated onto the façade.

The children playhouses are packaged in one large box that can be opened laterally so as to remove each piece that makes up the house. The dimensions of the wood boards are no larger than 2,00 m x 1,60 m and weigh between 15 kg and 50 kg so that they can be handled between two people.

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