Playhouse quality and maintenance

Quality & Maintenance

Are the playhouses SmartPlayhouse waterproof?

Of course! Once put up, the inside is dry even in bad weather conditions, like a real house. Everything inside remains dry, even if the water flows on the ground as the house is risen above the ground. Unlike other children playhouses, the doors and windows of SmartPlayhouse playhouse are sealed and do not let neither rain nor wind in.

How do the windows and the doors open?

SmartPlayhouse houses incorporate fixed windows and windows which open and close. All openings have rubber seals to secure permanent protection against air and water. The doors have a knob inside as well as outside and also magnets that ensure that the door remains closed. The door always opens outward and the windows inward.

Modern playhouse Kyoto Junior

What kind of maintenance do the playhouses require?

SmartPlayhouse recommends to clean all the surfaces once or twice a year with a neutral detergent.

Models with wood on the outside will require painting approx. every two years, depending on the weather and the sun exposure. For the wood we recommend open pore water lasure which maintains the hygroscopic equilibrium of the wood.

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