Luxury playhouses

Luxury playhouses made to last. We only use the highest quality materials to make them, not only weatherproof, but also kids-proof! The main material of the houses is birch marine plywood. Our luxury playhouses are designed with the children well being and safety in mind so that while they play and have fun, the parents can really relax. Used in the aircraft industry, it is very resistant to all kinds of weather and very stable. The luxury playhouses are designed and created to minimize its impact on the environment and follow strict sustainability criteria from the design. For this reason, each of the elements, materials and necessary processes have been selected to build the house. The assembly is very simple since SmartPlayhouse booths come with factory pre-assembled glass, windows, and doors. Soon, the house will be ready for your children to play!

Luxury playhouse Kyoto Maxi

Luxury playhouses Kyoto Maxi

Two floors of pure fun. The luxury Kyoto Maxi playhouse boosts a Japanese-inspired futuristic style that helps unlock the children’s creativity and imagination. This is quite a house; with two luxury storey playhouse, stairs… and sixteen windows! Spacious, very bright and with many possibilities. Consisting of a ground floor and a top floor, with a protected staircase.

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Luxury playhouse Hobikken Twin

Luxury playhouses Hobikken Twin

Nordic Design, warm and comfortable, with two rooms. This luxury playhouse is inspired by Nordic architecture, with predominately warm colours and red and dark tones. The luxury Playhouse Hobikken Twin is made in birch plywood. Its Nordic style and modern design, characteristic of the SmartPlayhouse houses, made it a modern and warm garden playhouse at the same time. The wood that has been used is highly resistant to the weather. In addition, in all outdoor playhouses the floor is mounted elevated from the ground, which allows the circulation of air under the house.

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Luxury playhouse Illinois Maxi

Luxury playhouses Illinois Maxi

Stately essence of modernity. This luxury playhouse has been inspired by the Modern Movement of the 20th century. It boosts clear shapes and perfection in details. The Illinois is very spacious and bright. It is made up of two pieces separated by an indoor wall and a dividing curtain, with unique design. It has been design to allow kids to enjoy the scenery and the feeling of freedom. This luxury and comfortable playhouse it’s certainly a spectacular playhouse. It has clear shapes and its interior fells spacious and bright. Thanks to its many windows and sliding door, kids can easily enjoy the scenery in a bright and spacious environment.

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Luxury playhouse Kyoto Twin

Luxury playhouses Kyoto Twin

Twice the fun. The luxury extra-large Kyoto Twin playhouse boosts modern architecture style, that helps unlock the children’s creativity and imagination. The most multi-purpose of this product line; it has a spacious indoor area ideal for playing alone or with friends. Despite its size, it is very easy to assemble because each outdoor façade is made of only one piece.

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Luxury playhouse Casaforum

Luxury playhouses Casaforum

Elegant and refined luxury Playhouse. Casaforum contemporary luxury playhouse which is coated with a steel sheet perforated with shapes similar to the leaves on trees. This chameleon-like playhouse will blend perfectly in your garden. This contemporary playhouse offers a spacious indoor space for the children to play in a bright, comfortable and cozy atmosphere. The fusion of wood and steel, the contours and textures on its façade, and the shine of the materials turns this luxury playhouse into an original sculpture for your garden.

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