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The Holder of intellectual property rights of the Web, as well as the controller of personal identification data collectedthrough the Web is the Holder.
Use of this Web site attributed the conditions of the user, which implies the acceptance without reservations to the presentconditions as published at the time of access to it. The Owner reserves the right to modify at any time, the presentation and configuration of the Web as well as the general conditions its use. Therefore, we recommend that the user reads them carefully each time the Web is accessed.
In general, users can access the Web site for free.

    The User agrees to use the Content in accordance with the law, these Terms, as well as morality and generally accepted good practices and public policy.
    The User agrees to use the Content in a diligent, correct and lawful way, and in particular, you agree not to:

    1. Usethe Contents, for purposescontrary tolaw, morality andgenerallyacceptedprinciples of moralityorpublic order.
      2. Reproduce, copy, distribute, through any form of public communication, images or Content ofthe Web without citing the source explicitly in com
      3. Transform or alter the Contents, unless with the permission of the copyright Holder or it is legally permitted.
      4. Violate intellectual property rights belonging to industrial Owner or others.
      5. Using the Contents and in particular, information of any kind obtained through the Web to sendadvertising, communications for direct marketing purposes or any other commercial purpose, unsolicited messages addressed to a number of people regardless of its purpose and to sell orotherwise disclose such information.


    Users are liable for damages of any kind that the Holder may suffer, directly or indirectly as a result of a breach of any ofthe obligations of the General Conditions or the law, in connection with the use of the Web. Unauthorized use of Contenton the Web or infringement of the rights Holder’s intellectual property will lead to its responsibilities under the law.
    The Contractor shall at all times respect the law in force and shall be entitled to interrupt and / or remove, at its solediscretion, exclude the User Content or the Web in case of alleged commission, complete or incomplete, any of crimes oroffenses punishable under the Penal Code, or in case of observing any conduct which, in the opinion of the Contractor are contrary to the morals, order, or which may disturb the smooth functioning, image, credibility and or prestige of theContractor or its employees.


    The Owner reserves the right to terminate your access to its Web site and the provision of any or all Content providedthrough it at any time and without notice, whether for technical, safety, control, maintenance, power failure or any other cause.
    Consequently, the Owner does not guarantee the reliability, availability and continuity of your Web site or its Contents, sothat the use thereof by the user is done at your own risk, without, at any time, to be held accountable in this regard.

The Contractor shall not be liable for any interruptions of service, delays, errors, malfunctions and, in general, any other problems that have their origin in causes beyond the control of the Contractor, and / or due to fraudulent User or negligentand / or caused by Force Majeure. Without prejudice to Article 1105 of the Civil Code, shall be included in the concept of force majeure, as well as the effects of general conditions, all events occurring outside the control of the Contractor suchas failure of third parties operators or service companies, acts of government, lack of access to third party networks, acts or omissions by public authorities, those produced as a result of natural disasters, blackouts, etc. and attacks by hackers orothers specialized in security or integrity of the system in any case, whatever its cause, the Contractor shall not be liablewhatsoever for any direct or indirect damage and / or loss of profits. The Contractor shall, without any compensation tothe User of these concepts, to temporarily suspend the services and Content of the website to perform maintenance, improvement or repair thereof.

The Contractor does not warrant or assume any liability for damages for access to third party Content through connections or links of the linked sites. The purpose of the links that appear on the Web is only to inform the user about the existence of other sources of information on the Internet, where you can expand the information provided by this website, not being in any way responsible for the results obtained through such links or the consequences arising from access by users to them. These Contents are provided by these third parties, for whom the Owner cannot and does not control the legality of the Content or the quality of services offered.
Similarly, the Contractor waives all liability for damages of any kind that may be due to the presence of viruses or other harmful elements in the Contents that could alter the computer systems as well as in documents or systems stored in them.

The Contractor shall not be liable for the use that the User makes of the services and products Web Site or its password, and any other material from the Website, infringing the rights of intellectual property or other rights of third parties.

All Contents of this site, such as text, graphics, photographs, logos, icons, images, and graphic design, source code andsoftware, are the exclusive property of the Contractor or third parties whose rights are recognized by the Contractor andare subject to rights of intellectual property protected by national legislation and international law at all times.
It is strictly forbidden the use of all elements to intellectual property with commercial distribution and reproduction, modification, alteration or decompilation beyond formulas that allow Content syndication.
Violation of any of these rights may constitute a violation of these provisions, as well as an offense punishable underarticles 270 and following of the Penal Code which
only allows the users to view and download Web Content, for personal and noncommercial use.


The Contractor, fully conscious of the use and treatment which should be given to personal data under the existing legal regulations in this regard, has implanted within your organization a way to preserve the security, integrity andconfidentiality considered personal data. Ensuring that personal data will be used in the manner and with the limitationsand rights granted by Law 15/1999, of Protection of Personal Data.
The Owner informs users that the data you provide when registering as a user or through after-enabled services, will beintroduced in a computer file held by the Contractor. These data will be used to manage the relationship with users, expand and improve the Content and for sending information or email advertising. In the case of commercial communications by e-mail or equivalent, the fact that the Holder submits your information implies your express permission to send advertising via this medium.

This consent is given without prejudice to all his rights under the L. O. 15/1999, and especially the possibility that the user can freely exercise their rights of opposition, access, correct information and deletion of personal data and revocationof authorization without retroactive effect, exercisable by written request addressed to the Holder of the email address e-mail:
The Contractor notifies the User, is not mandatory for the collection of such data for the provision of services. However,no such data supplementation may prevent the Contractor to provide all services related to such data, freeing them from liability for withholding or incompletion provision of these services.
You will be liable in any event, the veracity of the data provided, the Holder the right to deny service to any user who hasprovided false information, without prejudice to other actions stipulated by law.

    We believe that the protection of personal data of children is essential, so that in the event that the user is minor, it can only provide your personal data collection forms thereof, with the consent of parents or guardians, sending the appropriate form duly signed by their parents or guardians by certified mail with a copy of ID of the parent or guardian signing the following address above.
    The Contractor is not liable for those minor details that could not know the title this fact has been provided without the consent of parents or guardians.
    In any litigation or incumbent Web site, will apply Spanish law, be responsible for resolving all disputes related to the use of this Web site, the Courts and Tribunals of Barcelona (EU).
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