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SmartPlayhouse is a company associated with AIJU and has received previous certificates of compliance with the EN-71 European standard.

Are the windows secure?

The windows are acrylic, which is an organic material which does not splinter or break like glass and has a great impact resistance.

Is the floor soft?

The floor of the children playhouse is of wood with a grey phenolic clad and a non-slip strip. It is not soft but neither is it as hard as a ceramic floor. You can wash it with water and it is very resistant to wearing away. You may also instal soft natural carpet flooring (optional, except USA). This is a very high-end carpet from the InterfaceFLOOR, designed for public concurrence.

Can it be locked?

In principle it cannot be locked, because the key lock is optional (not available in USA). If requested, it only works from the outside.

Can the children be locked in?

No, they cannot. The door of the playhouse SmartPlayhouse is always opened from the outside. In addition, the door opens outwards to prevent it from being locked inside.

Is there electricity in the playhouses ?

Our kids playhouses are provided with a plan for an electrical installation, but not a complete electrification.

Are there plugs and interior lighting?

You can personalize your playhouse as you like but we recommend that a qualified electrician does the work for you. Optionally, you can buy a complete set of interior lighting which we recommend you to do when you order the house to make the putting up easier.

Is it hot inside?

As in any home, it mostly depends on the local climate and the sun exposure. The playhouses SmartPlayhouse have a layer of insulation in the roof, which prevents the summer sun from overheating the house. However, we recommend that the house is somewhat protected from the sun, especially in very warm areas so that the children can also play outside on sunny days.

Do all your playhouse comply with UE Top Safety Standars?

SmartPlayhouse is a company associated with AIJU and has received previous certificates of compliance with the EN-71 European standard.

The houses are designed to be fun and cosy place, but also to be the safest for your children. The key safety measures they incorporate are:

  • All corners are bevelled at a 45 º angle to avoid injury.
  • The methacrylate in the windows is flexible and does not break like glass.
  • The paints used are water-based, suitable for use in toys for children.
  • The doors are designed and protected to avoid fingers being pinched.
  • The indoor flooring in the houses is non-slip.
  • The optional cork pavement is the one used in nursery schools, and is flexible and anti-static.
  • The doors always open outwards to avoid them getting blocked with an object from the inside, so that children do not get knocked down by them when playing inside.

You can get a better idea of some of the safety features common to all SmartPlayhouses by watching this video:

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