David Lamolla Kristiansen

Barcelona Architect

Hi, I’m David Lamolla Kristiansen, founder of Smartplayhouse. Since 2010, my mission is to help make the dream of any child: Having a modern and comfortable space to play. Own, intimate and safe corner, where to play, develop their creativity and learn to share.

This could be your children’s dream, as well as your own.

Do you want to make it come true?

When my first daughter was born I knew I wanted to dedicate my time to the creation of a place just for her; where she could discover and develop without the direct intervention of her parents.

Children’s playhouses are not a new product, especially in Northern Europe where this type of construction in the garden is very common. I myself had a traditional style cabin in the garden of my family’s home in Denmark. I decided to work on this concept, but I was sure I wanted to create something very unique. From that moment I started designing various models and part of the result can be seen on this website. In fact, I designed various prototypes in different styles, and together with my team we decided to start offering a small selection from those ideas.

The objective of SmartPlayhouse is to be a reference in children’s playhouses. By using the most modern manufacturing technology, the best-quality materials on the market and respecting the environment at all times. All of this, as well as paying tribute to and promoting the architectural buildings that have marked the creative Avantgarde tendencies since the middle of the 20th Century, which all together offer a distinctive asset to both children and parents.

Thanks for visiting this website.

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