The Origin of the Playhouse – FR

janvier 5, 2016
In this article we will tell the origins of children’s houses, in my modest research. Any contribution is welcome. Playhouses have been around for ages and have been used in all cultures, as children love to create their own personal space that shows something of their own

Sustainable playhouses made to last – FR

janvier 3, 2016
Our playhouses are made from top-quality materials so that they can be enjoyed for years to come. What’s more, we are also committed to sustainability so, to build them, we only choose components that do not damage the environment. The main component of the playhouses is Birch marine

I love my kids playhouse – FR

janvier 3, 2016
We were featured in Yorokobu magazine! This article published way back still summarises what SmartPlayhouse stands for. We thought it would be an excellent idea to share it with our English speaking readers. Architecture for kids. « Children’s stories are full of houses. Most of them hardly

Outdoor toys – FR

janvier 3, 2016
Playing outdoors in a garden is one of the greatest pleasures of childhood. There are so many positive experiences to be gained from enjoying the outdoors, and the kids from the house are able to develop and grow through the skills learned from being outdoors. That is why it is necessary to take

Modern kids dollhouses – FR

janvier 3, 2016
It may appear that dollhouses are just a toy of distant times, with no educational and recreational relevance for children in this modern technological age. Nothing is further from reality. Initially, kids dollhouses began as an adult game, which was halfway between reality and the use of a cabinet

Perludi – FR

janvier 3, 2016
Perludi is a recently-established Austrian brand that provides original and high-quality kids furniture. Created in Graz, it is committed to great care in the furniture ’s conceptual development, with a focus on enhancing children’s games and learning,incorporating fun and dynamic
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