Halloween Decorations: how to make a playhouse look spooktacular

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halloween decorations

Halloween Decorations: how to make a playhouse look spooktacular

It’s time to get ready for Halloween decorations. Halloween is the ideal season to get creative – and spooky. Decorating a playhouse will be a fun and easy activity if you know how to do it. To make your playhouse the hero of all children’s gatherings, you need to choose the right Halloween decorations. To do this, you can go to a shop or make the most of what you already have at home. If you want to decorate your home for Halloween, look no further!

1. Halloween Decorations for the outside of your playhouse

  • Gather old crunchy autumn leaves and scatter them in front of the playhouse. If you don’t already have fallen leaves in your area, the best Halloween decorations would be an untidy lawn to make the most of what you have.
  • Find an old pair of shoes and put them on the lawn next to a pile of leaves. This will give the impression of a dead body resting on your lawn!
  • Find tombstone-like stones in your area. The older and more disintegrated they are, the more believable the cemetery atmosphere on your property will be.
  • If there are trees growing in your garden, cover them with cobwebs. A stuffed owl or raven mounted on a branch are great Halloween decorations.
  • A scary scarecrow is a great idea as well. You can buy one at a Halloween shop or make a simple autumn scarecrow out of corn husks and paint it with blood.
  • Scatter some skulls on the ground. Have a laugh if one of your guests accidentally bumps into one of them.
  • Another idea for Halloween decorations could be a skeleton.
  • If you want to arrange something out of the ordinary, put the car on the lawn. Darken the windows and make it look like a person is locked inside (a mannequin with its hands pressed against the windows).
halloween decorations

2. Halloween decorations for a porch.

Your porch should be as scary as possible. Halloween decorations should lure young guests into your house of horrors. Here are some great ideas for adding a little Halloween spice to your porch:

  • Spread cobwebs all over the porch. Your guests may get tangled in them without realising it themselves.
  • If you can find stuffed rats in the shop, don’t forget to scatter them at the entrance. A bucket of dead white flowers will look perfect on your porch.
  • A great addition to Halloween decorations would be dry tree branches scattered on the ground.
  • Don’t forget the most important Halloween decorations: the pumpkin. It can be cut with spooky patterns and painted a different colour, such as black.
  • Hang a ghost on your porch. Simply cut a few holes in an old sheet and drape it over an old ball, which you hang from the ceiling.

3. Halloween decorations for a front door and windows.

Decorating the door and windows of your cottage will give it a ghostly look. Here are some ideas for Halloween decorations:

  • Buy a spooky doormat with a picture of a spider web or ghost on it.
  • A great Halloween decoration would be a wreath with bats. It can be hung on the door.
  • To give your door a more intimidating look, apply some fake blood to your front door
  • Create the impression that you have boarded up the windows by taping some wooden beams to them. This will make your playhouse look abandoned and therefore creepy.

4. Halloween decorations for the interior of your playhouse

Your home should look abandoned, spooky and ready for Halloween. Here are a few ideas to try:

  • Use a black torn tablecloth for the table. You can take an old black sheet and trim the torn edges on it.
  • Place some fake skulls to liven up dull furniture pieces.

5. Use the light to decorate a playhouse

Lighting will help create a spooky atmosphere in your home, so you need to arrange for dim lights so that something spooky can appear at any time. If the lights are too bright, there will be no effect of mystery. Here are some ways to create the perfect lighting as Halloween decoration:

  • Make a “blood” effect: Light a few white candles over a towel, and then light a red candle over them. Red wax drops will make it look like artificial blood trickling down the sides.
  • Orange paper lanterns would make great Halloween decorations.
  • You can also use pumpkins by putting a light inside them.
  • Don’t forget that the light should be dimmed to create the creepiest possible illumination.

6. The main Halloween decoration is the pumpkin

What’s a Halloween without pumpkins and pumpkin decorations?

  • Halloween decorations can be pumpkins christened in a different color (black, silver) and arranged on your property.
  • Open up a pumpkin and use it to hold potpourri.
  • Use the pumpkin as a serving dish for Halloween treats.
  • Prepare the pumpkin punch and serve it from the pumpkin bowl.

7. Have spooky walls. 

  • One option for Halloween decorations is to turn your playhouse into a real horror house and use decorations to cover the walls.
  • Make your home look even more spooky. Hang cobwebs all over the walls. You can pick up large pieces of cotton wool, use old gauze or buy cobwebs from a shop.

8. Decorate your playhouse in spooky surprises. 

Give it a Halloween look with these ideas:

  • Pick up some tree branches from the street and stick them in flower pots.
  • Put up a bouquet of pretty white roses and then add fake ants or spiders.
  • Cut out bats from black paper and hang them around the playhouse.
  • Spiderwebs are great Halloween decorations that will add spookiness to your playhouse.But try to make them look realistic by arranging them so that people have to go through them.
  • Decorate the playhouse with orange balloons and draw a scary face with a black pencil.
  • A great option for Halloween decorations would be candles.They add an atmosphere of horror to your playhouse.
  • During the Halloween season, there are lots of inexpensive specialised items in shop that are great for creating a haunted house atmosphere. For example, an illuminated spell book that opens and closes automatically.
  • Make ‘horror jars’. To do this, take large glass jars and fill them with water. Then add green dye until the water takes on an unpleasant green hue. You can put old objects such as an old doll’s arm, a few dead flowers, a fake skull or a few eyeballs.


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