Outdoor Games to Make With the Family This Summer

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I think it’s no secret that summer is one of the most enjoyable times of the year for outdoor games. When the warm climate returns, our backyard becomes a place for barbecues, dinners with friends, watching movies and, of course, an accessible and safe place for children to outdoor games.

If you own such a yard, it’s time to consider buying a playhouse, which will not only be a great addition to the design of your home but also an oasis of children’s imagination. By buying a playhouse on your yard, you can create a fun space for your children to play, learn and have a more entertaining and enjoyable holiday.

However, for those lucky enough to already own a playhouse, it’s time to start looking for outdoor games for children. Kids` playtime is not just a way of keeping children entertained and passing the time. It is necessary for their growth because it promotes the cognitive, social, physical and emotional well-being.

Looking for some fun for your kids? Here are some of the most interesting games you can play outdoors!

games for kids outdoorsWhen it’s hot, it feels like we live in the backyard. That is to say we spend most of our time outside when we cook, eat (barbecues and picnics), we read a book or just relax. Meanwhile our children are always around us outdoors having fun and playing outdoor games. Only from time to time you might need help with the latter. You can send them to the playground, but suddenly all the outdoor games will slip their minds and they will come back saying “we’re bored”.

We offer you some simple but fun outdoor games that require almost no props or planning, but which will allow your children to spend time outdoors and get a needed dose of sunshine and warmth. Many of these games are good for family cohesion and encourage parents to join in the fun.

Ignite their imaginations with some games we suggest.

Hide and Seek as one of the most popular outdoor games

outdoor games for kidsOne of the most famous and popular outdoor games everyone has played at least once. As hide-and-seek is a common interest of children every parent has played it at some point. We know all kinds of different ways of playing this game. Variations start with counting (up to twenty, up to ten, sometimes up to a hundred) and end with having a “base” to run to and check in, becoming “safe”. The general idea is that one person closes their eyes and, without looking, counts to a certain number and then tries to find the others.

Number of players: minimum of 3. Equipment: none.

Capture the Flag as one of the most famous outdoor games

Capture the Flag is also one of the most famous outdoor games. This game is more fun to play when there is a big group. Firstly, divide the group into two equal teams and distribute a flag to each team, which will become the designation of each team’s headquarters. Secondly, send each team to different sides of the yard to hide their flag as best they can so that the other team cannot find it. At least part of the flag must be visible, so it must not be hidden completely.

The teams must race to find the other team’s flag and bring it to their side without being caught by the other team. If someone is caught, they can leave the game or ‘go to jail’. A captured player may be rescued from prison by a member of their team who must safely transfer them to their side of the zone without being tagged. Only one person can be released from prison per escape.

The aim of the outdoor game is to run into the other team’s territory, capture their flag and return safely to their own territory.

Number of players: a big group.

Equipment: two flags.

Telephone as one of the funniest outdoor games

outdoor gamesMost people end up having a good laugh in this outdoor or indoor game, so if you fancy being silly, give it a try. The players form a circle. One person comes up with a phrase or word and whispers it in the ear of the next person. The person then repeats the word they have heard to another person. This goes on until the last person who utters the phrase out loud. The last sentence is usually very different from the initial one, as the mistakes get worse as the circle goes on. This is what makes everyone laugh and chuckle.

Number of players: more than 3. Equipment: none.

Musical Chairs as one of the most challenging games

To begin with place chairs facing outwards in a circle so that there is one less than the number of players. One extra player should be responsible for the music. Meanwhile the music plays, the players should move around the chairs. When the music pauses, the players should sit on a chair as quickly as possible. The only player without a chair leaves the game. After that one of the chairs should be removed and the game continues. The player who remains seated on the last single chair wins. This game is usually played indoors, but it can also be an outdoor games using outdoor furniture and a portable music player.

Number of players: more than 3.

Equipment: music player, chairs.

Green Light, Red Light as one  of the most viral outdoor games

We like the Red Light/Green Light outdoor game because it is easy and quick to do. One person is “the traffic light” at one side and the other players are at the other side When the leader is in front of the group, he says, “Red light!” and everyone has to stand still. Then he turns around and says “green light!” and the group tries to get as close to the traffic light as possible. The traffic light quickly turns around and says “red light!” again, and if someone is seen moving, they should go back to where they started. Whoever spots the traffic light first wins and gets to be the next traffic light.

Number of players: more tan 4. Equipment: none.


Use pavement chalk to make a grid for hopscotch. You need to number the squares from one to nine. Choose a stone that is good to throw. The outdoor game starts by throwing a stone into the first square. After that jump over the stone and jump on one or both feet (to follow the hopscotch pattern). Turn around and go back, stopping at second square. Нere you need to pick up a stone while standing on one foot and jump over the first square. Then the game continues in the same way but the stone is thrown to the second square. Continue until the 10th square. If you throw a stone and miss the correct square, the turn passes to the next player.

Number of players: more than 1.

Equipment: chalk, stone.

These outdoor games are ones that you can play outside for fun with your family for family to burn off some of that crazy energy

In conclusion, remember, it is important to create a fantastic imaginary world for our kids as it contributes to their development. In addition to outdoor games, we can also buy a playhouse – which is the best way to do it. Each playhouse is treated so that it will last in your garden for years to come and bring maximum enjoyment to your children.

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