Swing Set Innovation – What’s Changed In The Last 10 Years?

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Swing sets are one of the hallmarks of a good playground. Every park and school has at least a basic swing set of some sort. They provide entertainment for kids of all ages, and even adults on occasion.

Swing sets have come a long way. To most people a swing set is a swing frame with a basic seat swing – but recently there’s been a  ton of innovation in the industry. Swings aren’t what they used to be, and here’s how they’ve changed!

Through ingenuity and competition, companies have begun to make new and exciting swing sets. These new models can swing, spin, and can even mimic a skatepark halfpipe.

Vuly Play is one of the brands pushing the limits of possibility in this space.

Vuly swing sets

Vuly is a company that makes tons of outdoor play equipment for kids. The range of swing sets is unique and can be placed in any backyard, as they range from small to large designs encompassing multiple swing attachments.

Cubby swing set

What better way to swing than to cosy up in a cubby? The cubby swing allows for a safe and comfortable swinging experience. The cubby swing is a hollow canvas-topped structure that provides kids with endless possibilities for play. It also shelters them from the elements – both sun and rain can be mitigated by this fantastic design.

Spin swing

The spin swing is a swing attachment that mimics a skatepark halfpipe. It allows kids to experience what it’s like to ride a skateboard in a safe but fun environment. This swing can spin on its axis giving a realistic impression of what it feels like to hop on a skateboard and go down a ramp!



Wrecking ball swing

This is another fun swing that allows kids to hold on tight and swing back and forth on a giant boulder! Kids will love how this swing looks and will be using it for years to come. This swing comes with a foam covering that helps kids keep their hands safe while holding on to the swing rope.

Monkey swing set

The monkey swing is like a little trapeze. Is your kid into circus or gymnastics? Well this is the swing for them! The monkey swing provides kids with an awesome and unique swinging experience where they need to hold on underneath the swing. This is unlike any other swing on the market and really pushes the limits of what’s possible with a swing set.

Seesaw swing

The seesaw swing is a new take on the classic seesaw. This swing set attachment is loads of fun and allows kids to play together. Designed for two, the seesaw swing allows kids to build momentum together and enjoy each others’ company. You’ll never have so much fun on a seesaw!

Seat swing

The original swing was never replaced, it’s just been hidden by all the new toys! The original seat swing is also designed to work with Vuly’s swing sets, and in fact still makes up a staple part of the Vuly swinging experience. You really can’t go wrong with this one – seat swings have been around forever, and will be popular for the foreseeable future.

If you’re on the hunt for a swing set, you can’t go wrong with a Vuly.

This swing set will make a great addition to the SmartPlayhouse in your backyard. Now your children won’t want to go inside. And there will be no end to the fun outdoors. If you want to install one of these swings at home, you’ve come to the right place!

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