The play kitchen allows the adult´s world to be closer to the children´s world through playing. In this article, we´ll take a closer look at some examples that we think exemplify this statement.

Cooking has been and will always be one of the main activities of our daily life, and also one of the most widespread hobbies not only among adults but also among children through symbolic games.

Cooking has nowadays acquired a remarkable social relevance and it even popularizes its new techniques through television, but all this happens, without doubt, because we had this hobby since our childhood. Children from 3 to 6 have a great interest in games that simulate the adult reality, since these allow them to unleash their curiosity. Among these, one of their preferred hobbies is the game of the kitchenettes, which allows them not only to develop their imagination, but also to participate in one of the most creative and rewarding daily tasks.

Cocina-juguete-2Most children participed in games related to cooking in their childhood: from the most basic production of food by using mud to being with an adult while this one was preparing meals in real kitchens. Luckily, between one and the other steps there is a classic toy that helps children develop their culinary creativity on their own scale and in a safe environment: the kitchenettes. This figurative toy was created long ago, just like the dollhouses in which they form part, in the eighteenth century.

Since then and until now, there has been built kitchenettes which are more or less complex versions from the real kitchen at the different times and are adapted to a child scale and use different materials: tin, chipboard or plastic. Nowadays, when talking about kitchenettes we talk about elaborated toys which intend to contribute to the fun and development of the children. Our kitchenettes from brands like SmartPlayhouse or our playhouses from brands like Barrutoys, PlanToys or Macarena Bilbao are clear examples of this.


The Classical model like the classical kitchenette Gourmet Grill by Hape, are based in the use of wood and its modern design without abandoning the closest reference to its actual adult model, adding mobility to the toy itself, making it suitable for outside. The design allows the children to be closer to this activity, in a funny and creative way, it helps the adult´s world to be closer to the playing area in a participatory manner for both age groups.

The Barrutoys kitchenettes recreate this reality, and reminds us the memories of our Cocina-juguete-5grandparent’s play kitchens, through the use of wood and fabric together with a range of colors which brings a name to their models, whereas those offered by the Plan Toys house have chosen the simplest designs made of wood and bright colors. They recreate every detail, from the most common utensils to the food itself, also made of wood. Also focusing on the use of wood and simplicity that reminds people the past eras we have the Macarena Bilbao kitchenettes, which are handmade.

In all these cases the main purpose of these kitchenettes is simply to encourage children’s creativity, concentration, at the same time that they get a new hobby, which eventually can turn into a valuable profession.


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