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The following Usage and Hiring General Conditions (from this point on, “the General Conditions”) rule, with the Privacy Policy, the access and usage that the user (from this point on, “the User”) makes of the website (from this point on, “the Website”), as well as the booking of products and services using it. By the acceptance of the following General conditions, the User manifests:

That has read, understood and comprehends what has been exposed here; that is a person with sufficient capabilities to hire; that assumes all the obligations hereby stated.

The usage of the Website grants the condition of User of the Website and involves the acceptance of all the terms included in this General Conditions. The User must carefully read the given General Conditions every time he access de Website, as said General Conditions are subject to modifications.

The holder of the Website reserves the faculty to make, any time and without notice, any modification or update of its contents and services; of the present General Conditions and, in general of all elements that take part of the design and configuration of the Website.

 1. Website general information


David Lamolla Kristiansen (from this point on, “SmartPlayhouse”).
Social domicile: Turó de Sant Pau, 57b, 0819, Bellaterra, Barcelona (EU)

Phone number: +34 645814706



The SmartPlayhouse products in our online catalog and the provided commercial services are available exclusively to the final users, defined by law as «Consumers».

Consumer” will mean any physical person acting with goals unrelated to their commercial, business or professional. We beg you to refrain from buying SmartPlayhouse products if you don’t get into the category of consumer, or ask us about offline shopping options.

SmartPlayhouse reserves the right to refrain from processing the orders received from users that are not «Consumers» and to reject any other order that does not comply with the commercial policy of SmartPlayhouse.

Before sending SmartPlayhouse your order proposal for the purchase of the selected products online, you will be asked to carefully read the general terms and conditions that regulate the trading, to print a copy of said terms and conditions using the print options and to save said document in a durable medium or to request a copy for personal use.

Once SmartPlayhouse has registered your order, it will process it as soon as possible.

SmartPlayhouse could ignore and refrain from processing your order if it is incomplete or incorrect, or if the products are no longer available. In this case, we will inform you via e-mail that the contract has not been executed and that SmartPlayhouse has not executed your purchase order, specifying the reasons. Besides the given information, SmartPlayhouse will not be able to give more accurate data about the product availability, so, once your order has been examined, we will inform you via e-mail if any of the requested products are not available.

Except what has been provided in these General Sales Terms and conditions, it is considered that the order has as a goal divisible selling earnings, different and by economical units, of how many articles have been requested, as expressly agreed between the client and SmartPlayhouse,  with the shipping and acceptance of the order; then, in case that the executions of the order on SmartPlayhouse end is limited to some of the products due to lack of availability of the others, the client will express his interest and will give consent for the partial execution of his order in relation with the rest of the products that, therefore, will not be able to be rejected by the client, nor will it be able to give the right to the client to cancel said order.

Upon sending the order to SmartPlayhouse, you accept to receive the invoice issued for financial and tax effects in electronic format. If you wish to get a printed invoice you must expressly request it.


Features and Prices:

The main features of the products are shown in each product page of the SmartPlayhouse website. The image and colors of the offered products for sale in SmartPlayhouse may not exactly match the actual products due to the web browser or the type of monitor used.

All products of the SmartPlayhouse brand abide by standard child destined designed products, as disposed by the rules of the European Union. We will not answer for possible differences of standards of countries outside of the European Union.

The prices given include the Aggregated Value Tax only for shipments inside the European Union, Western Europe, USA and Canada. In any other countries, the given price is FOB Barcelona, so, shipping, taxes and other expenses must be added.

SmartPlayhouse has the reserved right of making any modification on this fee without notice.




The system of payment accepted is bank transfer.

We will make any transaction of payment management using the same payment manager: namely, both the purchase and the refund, according your entitlement of your return right.

When, by any reason, it is not possible to charge the due amount, the sales process will be automatically cancelled and the selling contract will be terminated.

Product Manufacturing and Delivery

The manufacturing time is indicated on the Web, and tentatively about 30 days approximately since product confirmation, with the exception of “Maxi” models, that is of about 45 days.

When the merchandise leaves our facilities, you will get an e-mail informing you of this situation.

The little houses SmartPlayhouse will be unloaded by the shipping agency, on the street, except in the purchases of accessories and other purchases of reduced volume and weight, which will be delivered by a parcel agency.

In case of noticing any anomaly on the received package, you must notify the carrier and on the delivery note that you will be asked to sign.

In case the agency is not able to deliver the merchandise, you will have to get the product in the location supplied by the agency and within 15 days since the confirmation of delivery and ready for pick-up. If you do not claim the product in said term, it will not be able to be delivered, SmartPlayhouse will re-acquire it and the sales price will be refunded minus the agency’s shipping and returning costs, and the depreciation of the product cost.


Merchandise returns and withdrawal right

The withdrawal right must be claimed according to what is provided in the ruling European legislation, and will not be allowed in the following cases:

  1. a) Products that are not complete, damaged, deformed, deteriorated and/or present alterations of any kind;
  2. b)Custom made articles;

The return time limit is of 14 days from the date of product delivery. Once the products have been returned, SmartPlayhouse will check their conformity. When SmartPlayhouse can confirm that said conditions have been met, you will be sent an e-mail confirming the acceptance of the returned products.


If you decide to make use of your returning rights of the products bought in SmartPlayhouse, we remind you that SmartPlayhouse has the right to devaluate the product prices of the returned items that have been altered from their original state or damaged, and that the returning fees will be covered by the costumer, such as it is defined in the Directive 2011/83/UE of the European Parliament.



All of the articles offered in our website have warranty, which will be effective from the moment the article is delivered.

The warranty period of the products is defined by the manufacturer, and in the case of SmartPlayhouse products it is of 2 years.

In case there were any manufacturing defect, and as long as the product is inside the warranty period, we will proceed to repair, substitute or partially or totally refund the total of the order, without any cost for the costumer. In any case, you will have to inform us of the problem in a maximum time of two months since you have knowledge of it.

Applicable legislation and competent jurisdiction

These General Conditions are ruled by the Spanish Law. The parts subject, by choice, for the resolution of conflicts and renouncing to any other entity, to the tribunals and courthouses of Barcelona (EU).

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