7 benefits of an indoor playhouse you haven’t thought about

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7 benefits of an indoor playhouse you haven’t thought about

Play is the most fun thing in the world of children. However, in today’s world, watching TV or playing iPads, PS or other video games become children’s faithful friends, spending most of their time there. But not always watching TV or playing pad can bring genuine joy, shared connection, social bonding, communication and other important skills.

It’s essential to pull children off the sofa to encourage their imagination, physical activity and to develop social skills. Organizing your own play area with indoor playhouse at home is a great way to do so. Indoor play areas are more fun for children than harmful indoor activities as computer games. Activities in an indoor play area can help create a continuous fun and exercise routine for children. It gives children their own space and area of adventure. Our indoor playhouse helps you do just that.

What are the advantages of using an indoor playhouse for children? You are about to discover!

1. Creativity in the indoor playhouse

Indoor playhouses often help organize activities that can encourage children’s creativity and imagination There are mini homes where children can play what they want to be when they grow up, or even do arts and crafts. It is their choice how they spend time and enjoy themselves.

Due to an active imagination and play, children allows them to express their creativity. Often while playing in the indoor playhouse, children come up with scripts and role-plays, like they have turned the house into a scene from a theatre play or movie. Creativity and imagination allow children to process the world around them, building critical thinking skills and having fun at the same time.

2. Indoor playhouse gives unique experience

Indoor playhouses are a completely new world of play for children! No longer will they get bored playing with simple toys again and again. Getting an indoor playhouse into your home or flat is a fantastic way to diversify play time. Children will become more engaged and active A variety of games will keep children entertained. An indoor playhouse will turn your home into a safe and welcoming space where children enjoy playing for many hours. Whatever your child’s interests, he or she will never be bored.

3. Indoor playhouse strengthens cognitive skills

Indoor play houses promote the mental and physical development of your little ones in a safe environment. Play encourages children to be creative, imaginative and explore the world around them, which promotes cognitive skills and brain development in the long term.

Indoor playhouses require children to exercise physically to overcome challenges and obstacles, while also requiring them to think of better ways of doing that. This is even more applicable to indoor playhouses, which include interactive games located inside the playhouse. Thus, indoor playhouses are excellent to develop problem-solving skills, critical thinking and even creativity. And success in all our children’s endeavors, boosts their confidence.

4. Ensuring that children are sufficiently physically active despite the weather

Have you often had to cancel an outing for your children because of the weather? Or how often has the weather made adjustments to your plans and prevented your children from getting physical activity? It is vital for the growth and development of young children to get a minimum level of activity each day. Frequent use of indoor playhouses improves a child’s overall health and well-being and helps to combat childhood obesity and encourage a healthy lifestyle.

Indoor playhouses are a great opportunity for physical activity, even when it’s raining or very hot. By having an indoor playhouse, you don’t have to worry about your kid catching cold when it rains or getting sunburned on hot days. In addition, our extras (Gourmet play kitchen, Playing fridge, Playing gourmet grill, etc.) is a great way to keep kids engaged and excited to move around.

5. Interacting with other kids develops social skills

It is important to give your children the opportunity to meet other children constantly throughout their development. An important part of growing up for every child is learning to make new friends and learning how to play with them. The indoor playhouse provides an ideal environment for children to interact with each other, where they can learn to share, solve problems and play games together.

If you have two or more children or invite your child’s friends, it will help them all improve their communication skills. By playing with several partners, they learn to socialise and be creative. In addition, the mental stimulation received while playing contributes directly to children’s brain development later in life.

6. Lower chances of injuries

Our indoor playhouses have received certificates of compliance with the EN-71 European standard. The indoor playhouses are made of fiberboard (MDF) 19mm thick, with rounded edges all for maximum safety. The models for public use have the edges fully painted for maximum durability. All the fittings are made of steel. Our indoor playhouses are designed with the children well being and safety in mind so that while they play and have fun, the parents can really relax. And that is why there is another benefit.

7. Happy and relaxed parents

Parents and carers can also profit from indoor playhouses. An indoor playhouse is a great way to entertain your children with unforgettable play while enjoying your coffee or a meal without taking your eyes off your little one. ndoor playhouses can give parents a well-deserved mental break. SmartPlayhouse allows you to enjoy play and relax knowing your little one is safe.

At SmartPlayhouse, we have a fabulous array of indoor playhouses.

Why not take a look at what we have to offer today?

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