Warm and resistant painting for garden playhouses

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If there is something really important in the production of garden playhouses for children, that is to ensure its durability with excellent building materials and at the same time cozy for the kids.

That’s why from SmartPlayhouse not only use warm and tough plywood panels, but we also select the best finishing products to ensure that it’s resistance will last in a long life.


Our finishes are committed to pioneering brands in the treatment of wood, like the water paints of Sikkens (http://www.sikkens.com), which preserve the quality of both the finishing and t

he structure, and so coated with a mixture of innovation and tradition. Their products are based on acrylic resins and are adapted to the micro porosity of the wood, which allow them to breathe while controlling the moisture to make the exterior more lasting. We use the Sikkens Rubbol as an opaque water-based coating which is suitable for both the outside weather. For  the interior walls of the playhouses we use Sikkens Cetol range of products, as impregnating and translucent coatings for wood, as keeps the natural wood tone with the best protection.

These finishes highlight the natural properties of the wood and its beauty, emphasize its colors and add a touch of modernity to the design with a high quality white finishing, suitable for both indoor and outdoor use in the playhouses and with a high resistance to mechanical loads that may occur. Playing will not damage the treated surfaces, maintaining its appearance as it was the first day. Besides, with the right finishing products, you can enjoy playing in the garden area throughout the year without having to worry about maintenance, thanks to its resistance to weather conditions and its waterproof.

Enjoy this way the natural environment of the garden or terrace with playhouses made with the right materials, it makes you achieve that level of comfort and family welfare in a pleasant atmosphere that only wood can emphasize in such natural way.

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