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Hobikken Mini playhouse

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The Hobikken playhouses, made in wood, are the most rustic of our collection. They are inspired by Nordic architecture. The warm colours and dark tones used convert them into modern yet cosy garden cottages.

The Hobikken Mini is the smallest of the range so that kids can feel safe and homely. This playhouse is light and easy to assemble.

Measures: 1,40m x 1,40m x 1,50m

Recommended age: from 3 to 8 years old

Delivery time: 4-8 weeks

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€ 2,500.00

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Product Description


Inspired by Scandinavian architecture, the Hobikken Mini has a modern yet warm feel to it. It is enterely made of Birch marine board, treated with natural lasur finish.

The red and dark tones predominate throughout this outoor playhouse which is really easy to assemble.

As in all of the SmartPlayhouse playhouses, the wood used is highly resistant to inclement weather conditions. Plus, in all of the outdoor playhouses the floor is assembled on a platform, which allows for the circulation of air. This prevents dampness and maintains the playhouse intact.


All our SmartPlayhouses have been studied carefully to offer an extremely safe space for children. They are designed following strict guidelines that exceed the European Safety Standard requirements.

Similar to all our outdoor playhouses, the Hobikken Mini incorporates:

    • A layer of insulation in the roof to prevent the house from overheating.
    • An entry door with a finger protection rubber in the hinge area to stop kids getting their fingers caught*. Besides, it only opens outwards so that it cannot be locked inside.
    • Wooden floor covered with a grey phenolic clad and a non-slip strip. It is resistant, neither soft nor too hard and water washable.
    • Acrylic windows as this organic material does not splinter or break like glass and has a great impact resistance.
    • Water-based paints in compliance with toy safety regulations EN71 and ASTM-F963
    • Plywood planks to avoid any splinters.*
    • Low voltage lights (optional).*

new green*Only found in Smart Playhouses.


Hobikken Mini playhouse is as easy to assemble as Ikea Furniture. As all our SmartPlayhouse booths, it comes with factory pre-assembled glass, windows, and doors.

The kit includes detailed instructions. We have also recorded some videos that show how to assemble step by step a Smartplayhouse. And of course, we are always ready to help our customers solve any query they may have while installing this garden playhouse.

You will find detailed information about assembly and installation in our FAQ section.


Additional Information


1,50m (4’11”)


1,40m (4’7”)


1,40m (4’7”)

Total Weight

145Kg (320 lb)


The main material of this playhouse is Birch plywood. It is a material that is highly resistant since it’s made of a dense wood and glued with phenolic resins ideal for wet environments. The IDoDGH is painted with water-borne painting, which makes it flexible, durable and resistant. It has bevelled corners for maximum security.


The indoor flooring is also made of Birch plywood with phenolic glue. The top layer of the floor is finished with a non-slip material, similar to those used on slides and other children’s playground equipment.


The roof has thermal insulation and precast waterproof EPDM rubber material with a water drain pipe incorporated from warehouse, to guarantee total water tight closure.

Doors And Windows

It has one door with design handles and finger protection in the hinge area, one operable window, and five stationary windows. They are all made with methacrylate for safety. The door opens outward for security reasons.


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